Video Art

Motorceptor Series

The main idea of the Motorceptor Series is to eliminate all static visual information from a moving image. This is obtained by using a fixed camera angle during the shooting and is then edited using a subtractive process, only showing the difference between one frame and the next.
This process is analogous to the work carried out by specific neural modules in the brain that specialize in discerning and isolating information about movement that occurs in the external environment.

Significanti Assoluti Series

This series is about the paradoxical absurdity of absolute concepts and dichotomy.

20 21 was shot edited and streamed live on new year’s eve between 2020 and 2021 in the midst of the pandemic. A reprise of the Video Viaggio Series and the beginning of the Significanti Assoluti Series. Loneliness and the paradoxical absurdity of absolute concepts are the main focus of this work.

IONOI. Montaggio del sensibile comune.

Video diary of the seminar about communism of the sensible organized by OperaViva Magazine at Fondazione Lac o Le Mon (Lecce, June 17-19, 2016).

Povero Series

These videos are part of a project that produced media and communication for the fashion brand Povero (Poor). Those who use proprietary software and operating systems, those who produce content for social networks, and help program AIs and algorithms that accumulate and interpret big data, most of us produce value without owning the means that make this production possible. The project consisted of participatory events and workshops and was featured in public and private venues related to contemporary art and fashion.

System Exclusive Series

Mainly performative series of works about the possibility of sharing one’s subjectivity though mirroring. Listening to someone else’s heartbeat the way you listen to music is the main instruction given to the participants.

Un giorno ai grandi magazzini.

Video of an improvised performance by an undefined number of students in a hardware store in Sassari (IT). A version of this work was also realized in Lecce (IT) for the music festival SoundRes, curated by Alessandra Pomarico, Luigi Negro and David Cossin in occasion of the celebration of John Cage’s 100th birthday.

1) Go to a retail store (hardware, houseware, or building material
2) Look for objects that may produce interesting sounds
3) Produce sounds with said objects
4) Listen and react to the sounds in the environment
5) Document the situation (the material may be reused for other

Video Viaggio Series

This series of videos is characterized by in camera editing of footage shot the same day as when it was first publicly showcased. They are mainly about improvisation and perception through interaction and experimental behavior. The videos were made during the journey from the artist’s studio to the location of the screening. The first video of the series was shot with Flavio Signore between Rome and Bologna in occasion of the show of Giochi del senso e/o del non senso + Disordinazioni at the Festival Bologna Sogna in 1998 (the material has been misplaced or destroyed). Starting from 2004 new videos were added to the series.

Music Videos

These music videos were also featured in the tv series ALFABETA televised on RAI5.

Omaggio a Jean Vigo

This video was featured at Rialtosantambrogio for Open Video Projects. The script is based on a school assignment done by one of the actors on how to behave in school.